It’s That Time of Year…Again

It’s That Time of Year…Again, Part 1
By Jason W. Womack, MEd, MA – Workplace Performance Expert

Productively speaking, there are four areas to consider as you look to start up another year: your mind-set, your network, your body, and your systems and tools.

Take some time, maybe just 20 minutes, and write your responses to the questions and thoughts about the prompts below. Invest time in yourself, and get ready for an even better year.

YOUR MIND-SET: How have you been thinking? What new ideas have you attracted lately? And how are you prioritizing your work and life projects?

Much has been written on the psychology of productivity and engagement. But what have you written about it? Each time you sit down and create a to-do list, you scratch the surface. Take some time and look at “how” you’re working, not just what you have to do. Give yourself the gift of your own attention, and study your productivity mind-set. For example, find a book on thinking, planning, and organizing (such as Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz or The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker). Review the first few chapters for new ideas you can experiment with during the first couple of weeks of the new year.

YOUR NETWORK: With whom have you spent the most time this year? With whom did you want to spend more time? How can you set some meetings with people of influence early in the new year?

Focusing on productivity, you are your network. Your habits, thoughts, and routines are here because they are influenced and supported by those around you. As you look at some of the things to change (or enhance) going into the new year, consider the “who.” If part of your performance goals for next year is based on innovation and creativity, for example, consider inviting the most creative and innovative people you know to lunch once a week for the next five weeks. Build your network in the direction you are going.

For example, create a mind map of the several people you know you will turn to throughout the year for ideas, advice, and counsel. Invite each person out to lunch once or twice each month. 

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